Airmid’s Journal | Issue 1 [e-Zine]

Airmid’s Journal | Issue 1 [e-Zine]


Airmid’s Journal Issue 1 | e-Zine

As the acorns ripened and fell to the ground, the last of the nettles produced seed and the Cailleach took up her blackthorn staff, the dream of “Airmid’s Journal” was borne.
We invite you on this journey with us to witness, share, co-create and take root.
AJ is intended to be an ever growing tapestry of stories, woven together with the plants of this land. Old stories, new stories, personal tales and present spells. Here we share the voices of those who tend to the wild wells, offering nourishment to all those who wish to drink from the source.

This e-zine is a virtual product. After the purchase, you will receive an online copy of the zine in your e-mail. In case you would like to buy the hard copy, click here.

10% of all profits from this first issue will go towards the Traveller Counselling Service; a community based and culturally appropriate counselling service for the Traveller community.

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