True Nature: A modern day rite of passage for young women aged 11-15 in Ireland

2nd February 2019 - 10 am

Do you remember the challenges in your life as an older girl? The awkward years between 11 and 15, when you were trying to make sense of the adult world?

How would it have been for you to have wise, reliable adults other than your parents to talk freely with?

Would it have made a difference for your teenage years if you had a friendship group of peers that accepted each other in vulnerability, saw your gifts and supported your growth?

Would you have felt more capable as a woman if you learned to trust yourself, your friends and your own capacities?

Imagine if you had learned communication skills, conflict resolution, listening and being heard; knowing your voice has a valid place, knowing you are worthy.

How would you have felt if you had also learned to make a fire, track animals, build structures? Strong? Resilient? Capable?

Through this 9 month Rite of Passage programme, we are offering a supportive community in nature, outside of a young girls regular friendship circle, away from phones, media, cliques and school pressure, and with strong female role models.

We intend to support girls* in their emotional literacy and development of identity, to discover their gifts and innate potential. We intend to do this through building a sense of community together and offering earth skills, as a means of building confidence and resilience, and deepening connection with our inner and outer nature. When we learn to build a fire, follow a set of animal tracks or create a basket with plants, there is no denying that you are a part of the natural world, and you do belong.

Each month, we will spend one day out in the woods, learning skills, playing games and building community, and one evening indoors, gathering our thoughts and holding a safe space for fun, intimacy and vulnerability.

It is also crucially important to us that there is a strong focus on supporting relationships with family and community. Therefore, the girls immediate family, in whatever form that takes, will be included and guided to provide the best kind of support for them in this transition.

Our program will end with a residential, where parents/primary care givers will be invited on their own journey of personal development. They will stand witness to the rite of passage ceremony of this younger generation. This residential will include a solo journey for each girl, encountering both their inner and outer landscapes, and a welcoming back into a supportive community as a whole person.

*We are very sensitive to the fact that not all girls share the same experience, in fact, they rarely do. Not all girls menstruate, or share the same body. It is not our physical bodies which make us women and we believe that both gender and biological sex are not as binary as our society makes them out to be. We welcome Trans children on this programme and will dedicate time and space to discussion around gender expression and fluidity. We trust you and your child to make the right decision as to whether or not they would like to take this journey, regardless of the body they were born into. Our aim is to promote body positivity and awareness and we welcome children from all backgrounds and of all abilities.

Who are we?

We are both white, cis gender women from Ireland. We are able bodied and from a working or middle class background.

Lucy O’Hagan is the founder of Wild Awake, an organisation which seeks to rekindle cultural and environmental resilience through the (re)learning of ancestral skills in nature. She is also the founder of Phoenix Forest School, Dublins first independent forest school based in Dublin’s iconic Phoenix Park. She is a certified Ethnbotanist, Bushcraft instructor and wildlife tracker. This year, she has spent 4 months living wild with ancestral skills teacher Lynx Vilden and a community of others. From the ancient caves of the Dordogne, to the northern lands of the Sami, she has been deepening her love and understanding of the natural world and ways in which we can repair our culture. She has long felt the call to provide a program of this kind in Ireland, and is very much looking forward to what she can learn from the experience.

Kathryn McCabe is a social ecologist, professional facilitator, program-design consultant and leadership development specialist. She studied Science and Applied Physics at Maynooth University, but continued seeking academic pathways that would explore a big picture approach to changing the world. A radical masters in Australia, Social Ecology, enabled her to engage with complex systems, design context-specific change strategies and, crucially, feel inspired about what is possible when people feel respected and trusted to take their next step towards transformation. She has lectured at the University of Western Sydney, has worked internationally guiding NGOs and large multinationals towards sustainability and well-being. She has a special interest in youth Rites of Passage; delivering a summer program on Vancouver Island, Canada. She is a published author in Social Ecology; Applying Ecological Thinking to Our Lives and Our work.

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The Furry Glen, Phoenix Park, Dublin


One Saturday per month (10am-3pm), starting in September 2019 and running until May 2020. Residential to take place during the summer. Exact dates to be announced soon.

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