Feasting with the Ancestors- Bealtaine Spring

13th April 2019 - 10 am

Come join us around the hearth, where the sky is the roof and the grass is the floor. During this weekend, we will explore the gifts of nature and ways to honour these offerings.

Join Lucy O’Hagan of Wild Awake and Courtney Tyler of Hips & Haws Wildcrafts for the second season of the Wildcrafting and Ancestral Skills weekend, featuring a wild feast.

We will harvest from the fields, hedgerows and woodland and learn how to safely identify and sustainably harvest Spring plants and fungi from nature’s bounty. We will learn a range of ancestral cooking techniques from rock, clay and wicker. Nature is providing us with cleansing plants at this time, food and medicines and foods to awaken our bodies and hearts. We will wildcraft these plants into uplifting medicines and foods to take home with us: herbal salt, vinegar and salve.

Our weekend will finish with a wild feast, prepared and shared together in the woods.

Come spend the weekend building community, learning new-ancient skills and explore authentic connection with spirit, land and nature.

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