Ode to the Birch

23rd March 2019 - 10 pm

A collaboration between Wild Awake & Hips and Haws Wildcrafts

“The equinox has passed us, the light is returning. So, we look to the Birch as a tree of new beginnings and rebirth. Springing up first after the ice has receded, the first consonant in the ancient Ogham alphabet, and providing a sure sign that Spring is in full flow.
In this day long workshop, you will learn sustainable and easy ways to tap the birch for its life-boosting sap, as well as wildcrafted ways to use this medicine. We’ll explore the various uses of birch for food, medicine and craft. We’ll wake up our bodies with foraged wild greens and learn how to make wild fermented beverages. We’ll create flame with the birch and explore its role in legends and mythology.
Wake up your body after winters rest with this traditional knowledge, sipping on birch leaf tea and nourished by the medicine of community in nature.”
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