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Lucy O’Hagan

Lucy O’Hagan’s love for nature sprouted in early childhood, as the fields and woods around her house served as both school and sanctuary.

Her passion for teaching began after finishing a degree in Social Anthropology and French, when she had the chance to work in schools in the Caribbean and on Reunion Island, assisting in the integration of environmental learning across the curriculum.

She trained as a Level 3 Forest School practitioner in March 2015 and, as a result, set up the Phoenix Forest School in Dublin’s iconic Phoenix Park in September 2015.

Since then, Lucy has been deepening her relationship with nature and passion for teaching through learning at and working with an exciting diversity of schools.

She has attended and assisted John Rhyder of the Woodcraft school in Sussex. Here, she furthered her knowledge of ethnobotany, wildlife tracking and trained as a Bushcraft Instructor. This involved sleeping out in the woods for one week a month, September-June, learning practical bushcraft skills and effective ways to teach these to others.

Lucy is passionate about supporting people to re-establish their connection with themselves, their communities and to nature, of which we are a part. She is particularly interested in rewilding and rekindling the knowledge and skills we once knew so intimately, which connect us to our place in the world.

Over the past two years, Lucy has been swept away by a strong love of Ancestral skills which satiates both her love for nature-based skills as well as the deep soul work that her heart craves. Last summer, she took part in Lynx Vilden’s Stone Age immersion projects, living wild for 4 months with a community. From the ancient caves of the Dordogne, to the northern lands of the Sami, she deepened her understanding and love of Ancestral skills, whilst also exploring cultural regeneration and deep nature connection practises. Since then, she has begun to assist Lynx with classes and is preparing to do a week-long Stone Age Project in the Arctic this February and a month long Stone Age project in North America in 2020- living as our ancestors might have done.

Lucy feels most at home wandering through the woods, following animal trails & nibbling on what food or medicine nature has to offer.

Lucy on paper

NCFE Level 4 Bushcraft Instructor

NCFE Level 4 Practical Ethnobotany

NCFE Level 4 Wildlife Tracking

OCN Level 3 Forest School Practitioner

CyberTracker Level 3 (Track & Sign), Level 3 (Trailing)

REC Level 2 First Aid

Member of the Association of Foragers

So much of my learning has come directly from the plants, animals, the land and my hands. But they don’t issue certificates 😉

Lynx Vilden, 'Living Wild'


“Lucy teaches with passion and integrity, it has been an honor and a pleasure to work with her”.

John Rhyder, 'Woodcraft School'


“Lucy O Hagan has been a long tern student of mine and in all honesty one the best students we have had. Her desire to learn things properly and thoroughly before attempting to pass the knowledge on, is an increasingly rare quality these days. She constantly seeks to better her knowledge building on what she has learned and both applying and delivering it in her own unique style but without dilution of the core principles. Skills and knowledge cannot be adapted in this way unless they are properly understood and the teacher may become a clone of whoever taught them and Lucy is certainly not this”.


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